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Auto CAD

Edgemap offer steadily renovated with industry inputs on CAD and offer an end-to-end training to CAD users. Our courses are designed to maximize the benefit to individuals and corporate in CAD product design and services. With decades of experience on CAD, we will fulfill learning needs to your satisfaction. We aspire to make a impact in the field of CAD training and earn the trust of individuals and the corporate.

The modules are designed to directly meet the overall aims of the program. The compositions of the program are shown below.

1. Introduction to CAD Industry
2. Annotations & Dimension
3. Layers
4. Drawing Setting
5. Orthographic Drawings
6. Isometric Drawings
7. Perspective Drawings
8. Editing the Drawings
9. Selection Methods
10 Presenting the Project
11. Working with a Team
12. Layout Management
13. Scale setting
14. Plotting
15. Import & Export

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